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Classical French Literature
100 years of The Phantom! 
21st-Oct-2009 09:53 pm
Fans of popular French classwics might be interested to know that we are now entering the 100th anniversary year of Le Fantôme de l'Opéra (The Phantom of the Opera)! The original novel by Gaston Leroux was first serialised in a French newspaper (Le Gaulois) between September 1909 and January 2010, prior to publication in book format by Pierre Lafitte in February 1910.

To celebrate this milestone achievement, a brand new Phantom Twitter stream has been launched to spread the word of the centenary and the latest news and developments concerning the Opera Ghost. Eventually it is hoped the stream will be used to release exciting new ongoing research currently being undertaken into the novel and all its subsequent adaptations in areas never previously explored. It'll also be a sort of starting point perhaps to test the viability of bringing fans across the world together in 2010. 

The more fans who join the stream, the better, so we can spread word of the centenary to the wider world and draw attention to all things Phantom! The Leroux estate is also aware of the feed, so it would be good to show Leroux's descendants just how beloved this story remains across the globe!

Please follow by following @fantomedelopera on Twitter (
http://twitter.com/fantomedelopera ), or, alternatively, going to http://phantomslair.com for further details. 
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